Supervisory Board Members

The supervisory board members nominated by ÖBIB represent the interests of the Republic of Austria as a shareholder in its holdings. They are selected according to best practices for supervisory board members in accordance with the Austrian Corporate Governance Code, and they must comply with stringent criteria relating to impartiality and conflicts of interest.

Like the members of the Nominating Committee, supervisory board members are renowed businesspeople and practitioners of an independent profession and executives in the business community or public sector.

The current supervisory board members are:


Dr Peter Löscher (Chair)
Dr Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell (Vice-Chair)
Dr Wolfgang C. Berndt
Elif Bilgi Zapparoli
Dr Helmut Draxler
Dr Herbert Werner
Univ.-Prof. DI Karl Rose
DI Marc H. Hall

Telekom Austria

Dr Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer (Chair)
Dr Karin Exner-Wöhrer

Österreichische Post

Dr Edith Hlawati (Chair)
Mag. Edeltraud Stiftinger (Vice-Chair)
Dr Erich Hampel
Dr Peter Kruse
Chris Muntwyler
Markus Pichler
Dr Elisabeth Stadler
Dr Herta Stockbauer


Gerhard Starsich (Vice-Chair)
Dr Andreas Bierwirth
Helene Kanta
Wolfgang Horak


Gerhard Starsich (Vice-Chair)
Helene Kanta

APK Pensionskasse

Barbara Potisk-Eibensteiner (Chair)
Dr Evelyn Haas-Lassnigg