ÖBIB holds 100 %
of the shares of

The mining holding, GKB-Bergbau, is wholly-owned by ÖBIB. It is responsible for the organized withdrawal from the mining industry, and the remaining rights and obligations of the former Österreichische Bergbauholding (ÖBAG) are consolidated within it. It also carries out securing and closing measures required by law, including revegetation. GKB is responsible primarily for the following sites: the Voitsberg-Köflacher lignite field, which was exhausted in 2004; the former Pölfing-Bergla anthracite field; the Ratten, Weiz, Wiesenau, and Thallern fields; and the closed mines of the former Bleiberger Bergwerksunion (BBU) in Bad Bleiberg, including outdoor areas in multiple provinces; and the field of the former Lavanttaler Kohlenbergbau Gesellschaft m.b.H. (LAKOG) in Wolfsberg.

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