APK Pensionskasse


ÖBIB holds 32.53 % 
of the shares of
APK Pensionskasse 

APK Pensionskasse Aktiengesellschaft (APK) was founded as Austria’s first pension fund in 1989 and is considered to have paved the way for pension insurance funds in Austria. It has held a top position in Austria’s pension fund market since the very beginning thanks to its consistently above-average investment returns and continuously growing market share.

APK Pensionskasse and its subsidiaries, APK Vorsorgekasse, APK Versicherung, and actuaria, are considered pension plan specialists for major clients and for individual customer solutions and have experience in the implementation phase. APK Pensionkasse’s long-standing customer relationships are an important indicator of stability and a testament to its customers’ satisfaction.

The customer is always the focus at APK. As one of Austria’s leading pension funds, APK has ascribed to the company philosophy of implementing professional and international standards since the very beginning.

In 2017, APK again enjoyed a very successful financial year in operational terms. Despite the current low interest rates and very volatile market conditions, the assets under management rose by 7.1 % from EUR 4.39 billion to EUR 4.70 billion. The number of beneficiaries grew by 3.3 % from roughly 127,500 to around 131,700. The average performance of the 19 collective investment and risk groups was 7.0 % (calculated using the OeKB method). Befitting of this, APK was recently named Best Pension Fund in Austria by the financial journal Investment & Pensions Europe.

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