Efficient structure

The 2015 ÖBIB Act also changed ÖBIB’s structure, and thus the structure of its duties, its decision-making processes, and the company itself.

  • The Austrian Parliament acts at the highest level and sets the general course by passing legislation.
  • The federal government makes decisions about the form of investment management and about the privatization and acquisition of interests. Duties that ÖBIB is required to perform can arise out of these decisions.
  • ÖBIB is required to report on essential issues to the Federal Minister of Finance, who reports to the Federal Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. It carries out orders from the federal government as best as possible using its business and capital market expertise and by functioning as a service company (ÖBIB’s duties).
  • The Nominating Committee, which serves as an advisory council for ÖBIB GmbH under special law, is responsible for selecting supervisory board members nominated by the federal government.
  • ÖBIB also cooperates closely with its syndicate partners.