The Secretary-General, Dr. Martha Oberndorfer, serves as a Managing Director. She is responsible for:

  • Executing the owner’s interests at the annual general meetings and other general meetings of the shareholdings
  • Managing shareholdings’ syndicate contracts and contracts with third parties
  • Supporting the supervisory board members of the shareholdings nominated by the federal government
  • Advising the federal government and Ministry of Finance in special cases and regarding special topics
  • Ensuring effective management control



Dr. Martha Oberndorfer CFA MBA

Dr. Oberndorfer is a business economist and economics educator. She holds an MBA from the University of Toronto and also studied management in Fontainebleau, at Stanford, and in Lausanne. She is the first female Austria to earn a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) title. Dr. Oberndorfer has served as general secretary of Österreichische Bundes- und Industriebeteiligungen GmbH (ÖBIB) since June 8, 2015. Prior to that, she was the managing director of the Österreichische Bundesfinanzierungsagentur and was responsible for the treasury of the Republic of Austria from 2008 on. She has over 25 years of capital markets experience and has held a number of leadership positions in commercial banking and in institutional portfolio management. She lives in Vienna and has two adult daughters.