The Nominating Comitee

The Nominating Committee consists of four members who are appointed by the federal government for one legislative period based on the joint recommendation of the Federal Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. They remain in office at least until a new federal government is sworn in. 

Two of the four members have to be current federal ministers or state secretaries. The other two members are businesspeople or practitioners of an independent profession who are renowned for their performance or are executives from the private or public sector with years of experience. They must, beyond any doubt, be able to perform their duties on the Nominating Committee independently of their own interests. Experts are selected according to best practices in accordance with Austria’s Corporate Governance Code.
The current members of the nominating committee are:


Hartwig Löger


Federal Minister for Finance


Günther Helm

CEO Hofer KG




Gernot Blümel

Vize Chairman

Federal Minister within the Federal Chancellery
for EU, Arts, Culture and Media

Wolfgang Leitner

CEO and President of the Executive Board of
Andritz AG

The nominating committee is responsible for selecting and nominating “members of the supervisory board elected by ÖBIB at the annual general meeting or other general meetings of its shareholdings or appointed based on contracts with third parties”.

The requirements profile defined in section 5 para. 5 of the ÖBIB Act sets out clear criteria. – Download the requirements profile (in German). 

The nominating committee can unanimously specify additional qualification requirements for members of the supervisory boards and rules for selection procedures, which must then be published on the company’s website (see ÖBIB Act section 5 para. 4).