Annual Report 2019

As the state holding company it is our objective to ensure reliable and sustainable growth and to strengthen Austria’s position as a place to do business. Dependability, transparency and lasting value growth form the framework for our actions and lay the foundations for the stability and growing value of the ÖBAG portfolio. 

In the Annual Report for 2019 we provide all the essential financial information as well as offering insights into the new initiatives and ground-breaking projects that ÖBAG has launched and delivered in the past year together with its portfolio companies.

For Thomas Schmid, ÖBAG CEO, it is clear that: “ÖBAG’s portfolio companies have done excellent business in 2019 and so far they have weathered the crisis well. As a consequence, ÖBAG will be able to continue its sustainable dividend policy on behalf of the Austrian taxpayer.”

Österreichische Beteiligungs AG