Representing an Austria worth living in.

At first glance, ÖBAG is a public holding company. But we are much more than that. Because the investments in the ÖBAG portfolio are in companies that lie at the heart of Austria. As a fundamental part of our everyday lives, they ensure our infrastructure and the prosperity of our country. Day after day.

The companies throughout the day

How important the portfolio companies are in our everyday lives is immediately apparent every morning. You turn the lights on, and it is green electricity from Verbund that brightens the day. You take a look at your mobile phone, and thanks to A1, you know what’s new in the world. As you do this, the milk is warming on your stove in the kitchen. The gas for this comes from OMV, as does the fuel in the car that the kids ride to school in, which is a building owned by BIG. And before you go to work, you have enough time to cash in your winning Tipp3 ticket from Casinos. Where? In any of the 1,300 post offices of Österreichische Post. As you can see, everyday life would not be the same without the products and services of the ÖBAG portfolio companies. And they have a corresponding economic footprint:

  • The ÖBAG companies account for almost 4 % of Austria’s gross domestic product.
  • The ÖBAG companies generate 13.7 billion euro in gross value added.
  • The companies secure over 135,000 jobs.
  • They pay taxes and duties totalling 8.8 billion euro.

* ÖBAG administers the federal government’s holding in Verbund on the basis of a management agreement, hence Verbund is included in the relevant texts and figures for the sake of completeness. 

The ÖBAG porftolio encompasses 11 companies; through its portfolio companies including Verbund*, ÖBAG manages around 17% of the ATX.
Value of portfolio (including BIG and Verbund starting in 2019); portfolio value in billion euro
Development of dividends; inome from investments in million euro
Österreichische Beteiligungs AG