With expert focus

ÖBIB currently has a 52.85% stake in Österreichische Post, a 31.5%, stake in OMV and a 28.42% stake in Telekom Austria, as well as holding a 33.24% interest in Casinos Austria AG. ÖBIB is also the sole owner of FIMBAG Finanzmarktbeteiligung AG des Bundes (now in liquidation), GKB-Bergbau GmbH, IMIB Immobilien- und Industriebeteiligungen GmbH, and Schoeller-Bleckmann GmbH, and owns a 32.53% interest in APK Pensionskasse AG.

ÖBIB’s primary responsibility is to effectively manage the shareholdings entrusted to it by the federal government:

  • Investment management – comprises the upholding, administration and exercise of equity interests and preparation of committee decisions of companies in which ÖBIB holds an interest. This means that ÖBIB safeguards its influence through the shareholdings entrusted to it, by means of agreements and contracts with third parties (e.g. syndicate agreements) or by maintaining at least a 25% interest plus one share blocking minority.
  • Privatization management – describes the professional handling of privatization projects for which an express mandate from the federal government exists. In such cases, ÖBIB privatizes companies with the aim of achieving the greatest possible benefit for the Republic of Austria.
  • Acquisition and disposal of shares – acquiring interests is also one of ÖBIB’s responsibilities; however, an express mandate from the federal government is required.
  • Execution of ownership rights – means specifically preparing for and participating in shareholder meetings and board decisions and supporting supervisory board members nominated by the federal government.
  • Advising the Republic of Austria – ÖBIB serves as a hub of expertise, providing strategic information, proficient advice and preparing the federal government for complex financial decisions with its extensive business and capital markets know-how.