The Austrian state holding company Österreichische Bundes- und Industriebeteiligungen GmbH (engl. Austrian State and Industrial Holding Limited), or ÖBIB, is the holding company of the Republic of Austria and represents the ownership interests of the federal government in strategically important shareholdings. ÖBIB currently owns stakes in the following listed companies: Österreichische Post AG (52.85%), OMV AG (31.5%), and Telekom Austria AG (28.42%). Furthermore, ÖBIB owns a stake of 33.24% in Casinos Austria AG, a 32.53% interest in APK Pensionskasse AG and is also the sole owner of GKB-Bergbau GmbH, IMIB Immobilien- und Industriebeteiligungen GmbH, SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN GmbH and Finanzmarktbeteiligung AG des Bundes in Liqu. (or FIMBAG i. L.), which went into liquidation on July 1, 2016. more

The core duties of ÖBIB consist of investment management, privatization management, the acquisition of shares, the execution of ownership rights and the offering of advice to the Republic of Austria. more